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The Wolverines Feature Image 2017

WOLVERINES - Country Music Experience

Expect them to meet you at the door and expect to leave with a smile on your face..... What happens in between depends on WHO (the audience is), WHERE (in the world the show is) and WHEN (morning, noon or night). These guys give “made-to-measure” entertainment from their extensive repertoire of originals, contemporary country rock & retro classics. They select for the specific audience, be it kids, families, adults or perhaps sailors, bikers or party animals! Wolverines' gigs are as diverse as the music they play... 

Wolverines are now on their way to Geelong @ the Sphinx Hotel, for a live performance on Fri, 2nd MAR

Tickets now on SPECIAL!

SHOW ONLY TICKETS Buy 2 for 1 ($12.50 each)

MEAL & SHOW TICKETS $15 OFF! ($45 each)

Doors open for meals @ 7pm, doors for show @ 8:15pm 
Call 5278 2911 to book your tickets!

or book online https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/wolverines